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SHAMARON - Dog Devoted

Tammie Rogers via CreateSpace October 12, 2018

Echoing the ambiance of James Herriot, SHAMARON – Dog Devoted is tender, emotive and amusing. If you have ever loved a dog, you must read this amazing story. From her third-floor apartment in Chicago’s concrete jungle, Rogers begins her partnership with Shamaron, a Border Collie she never knew she wanted. After a single herding lesson and all the boot- sucking mud, criticism and sheep dung it involved, a desire was born. She would train her new dog for herding trials. A decade later, and numerous triumphs and disappointing set-backs, she realizes that the dog she thought she was training was actually guiding and teaching her. Based on real events, the colorful, intuitive and unforgettable stories Rogers shares about her life with one, very special dog will validate all of your suspicions. Dogs are extraordinary spirits that coach us about life, devotion, compassion and absolute acceptance.Heart-warming, captivating and inspiring.
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