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4H Guide: Dog Training & Dog Tricks

Voyageur Press, January 22, 2010 You may read a number of reviews at Amazon.com Due to a change in USDA policy, the publisher lost its license agreement and was no longer able to produce this book using the 4-H logo and name. This book is out of print. Amazon offers used copies for sale. Editorial Reviews From School Library Journal Grade 5 Up—This is not simply a how-to-train book; it is also a guide to cultivating a respectful relationship with your dog. The excellent information is comprehensive, and it is presented in a clear and detailed style. The author covers different training methods, discussing the tools needed from food to collar selection. Using this manual, dog owners can move through the basics (sit, down, etc.) to obedience competition and fun tricks and activities. The high-quality, full-color photos, featuring 4-Hers with their pets, are exceedingly well matched to the text. They capture the unique bond between the dog and its owner as the pups often gaze in rapt attention at their person. A good sampling of sizes and breeds appear in the photos. Even some unique skills such as turning off lights and pulling clothes out of a dryer and putting them in a basket are illustrated and explained. Readers who are serious about learning how to train their dog effectively will find this book an invaluable and interesting resource that will make that special bond even more rewarding. This guide is definitely Best in Show quality.—Carol Schene, formerly at Taunton Public Schools, MA (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc.

Dog Training & Tricks

Voyageur Press, September 15, 2014 First published in 2010 as 4-H Guide to Dog Training & Dog Tricks by Voyageur Press. This book replaces the original that is out of print.
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