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10 Most Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make: And How to Resolve


Tammie Rogers via CreateSpace September 28, 2017

Whether   you   are   hesitant,   disillusioned   or   perplexed   about   your   connection   with   your   dog,   Tammie Rogers can help you achieve an effective and powerful bond with your cherished companion. Relying   upon   her   thirty   years   of   experience   teaching   dogs   and   their   people,   Rogers   offers   an   honest, compassionate   and   dependable   approach   to   solve   ten   of   the   most   common   problems   that   plague dog   owners.      Focusing   on   dog   as   a   unique   species   that   needs   our   benevolence   and   understanding, 10   Most   Common   Mistakes   Dog   Owners   Make   successfully   presents   a   way   to   communicate   with   dogs in a confident, considerate and trusting manner. Socialization,   pulling   on   the   leash,   nipping   and   biting,   as   well   as   tackling   situations   when   others sabotage   your   relationship   with   your   dog   are   some   of   the   topics   which   are   explored   in   detail.      The information   presented   is   comprehensive,   unique   and   inspired.      It   is   clear   that   Rogers   has   knowledge about   canines   that   anyone   can   use   to   forge   a   sensible,   kind   and   cooperative   relationship   with   their dog.
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