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Tammie Rogers... an author, dog trainer, instructor, business owner and loving wife.  Mostly, she is a student of human nature. Her books span three Genres: Dogs and Their People & People and Their Dogs “Intuitive Doodle” series of illustrated children’s books Body-Mind-Spirit "In the beginning, in my youth and inexperience, I fancied myself a dog trainer.  Decades later, I discovered it was dogs who were teaching me valuable lessons  about how to become a graceful and happy human." 

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The Sweet Scent of Hay, One Soul’s Journey lauched April 17, 2014.  
Throughout her career as a  professional dog trainer, Tammie  has put pen to paper and offered  her valuable and interesting  words about how to forge the  best relationship with what she  considers the most incredible  species on the planet.  Beginning  with articles published in the  1980’s in the AKC Gazette, her  motivation to write has always  been strong.   Most recently, she  has traveled away from the gendre of dogs and their people, and her new Memoir, The Sweet Scent of Hay, was published in early 2014.